The Challenge

Crepslocker wanted to elevate their paid social presence after a few bad experiences with agencies who promised the world and didn't deliver. Good job that's our speciality. These guys sell a range of uber luxurious brands like Gucci, Versace & Balenciaga. They also had exclusive access to the latest sneaker drops and were followed by lots of sneakerheads who really knew their stuff. We knew this audience had to be pretty niche, and that the messaging would have to be nailed if we wanted to attract the right people. So we got to work.

The Solution

As with any luxury product, a new customer isn't going to see an ad and drop £500 on the first click. Thankfully, we managed expectation correctly and spent the first two weeks filling the funnel and nailing down the buyers who had the most intent. Then we created several highly personalised retargeting campaigns using incremental offer incentives and tons of incredible UGC to pull new customers in and get them over the line.

By the time we reached the end of Month 3, we had generated over £80,400 from an £11.6k spend, and had lowered their CPA by 22%. With such a great returning customer rate and LTV, the profitability on these new customers was huge, and we were thrilled to be able to add another profitable stream to their polished multi-channel strategy.